• Fiber blowing machines MAH-3 UNIWERSALFor all fiber / cable diameter 0.8-17mm and for all HDPE
  • Fiber blowing machines MAH-3The most powerful model in the global market 3-16mm
  • Fiber blowing machines MINI MAH-3The ideal solution for microcanalization 0.8-6mm
  • Very high power By using patented profiled feed rollers
  • full screen sliderProfiled feed rollers, each roller with drive, adjustable blowing head
  • Each machine has a modern Bluetooth counterBluetooth, counter daily and total, cable speed, temperature, count forward and backward and more
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Mal-Met Company


The Mal-Met production plant specializes in manufacturing mechanical parts and tools, which are broadly used in the automotive and agricultural industries. Our highly qualified craftsmen are well prepared to help with any technical issue that may arise during the initial project planning stage. They are also capable of delivering specified detailed works or services. The very high quality of our customer service has been praised on numerous occasions by other companies and individual clients alike. In April 2005 we were nominated for the "Brand Leader" award for the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeship. This was a moment of great pride for all of our employees, as their years of hard work were appreciated. The industry also considered this as added value to our company, both on a domestic and international (Swedish customers being a prime example) level.


The company was established on 26th March, 2007 and took over the business ran by master locksmith Jerzy Malak since 1966. At first, the primary aim was locksmithing and providing locksmith internship for students. In the 1970s we began manufacturing products for industrial markets, especially the automotive and agricultural industries. We gained valuable experience and started to expand rapidly. Through the increasing demand of our clients we gradually increased the number of machines that we had at our disposal, which currently amounts to over fifty unique machines. Throughout the years we have been developing our own patents, original and reserved designs. In 2005 we were nominated for the “Brand Leader” award for the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeship. In early 2007 the company was inherited by Marek Malak, who is also holds the title of master and has rich experience in his profession. We are successively introducing new branches of production, such as mechanical parts manufacturing, metalworking‑related services, production of tools and parts for the automotive and agricultural industries. We are currently using all our available machines and taking advantage of our employees’ experience in order to meet the expectations of our clients and complete metalworking-related projects. We have recently started assembling custom motorbikes.




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