• Fiber blowing machines MAH-3 UNIWERSALFor all fiber / cable diameter 0.8-17mm and for all HDPE
  • Fiber blowing machines MAH-3The most powerful model in the global market 3-16mm
  • Fiber blowing machines MINI MAH-3The ideal solution for microcanalization 0.8-6mm
  • Very high power By using patented profiled feed rollers
  • full screen sliderProfiled feed rollers, each roller with drive, adjustable blowing head
  • Each machine has a modern Bluetooth counterBluetooth, counter daily and total, cable speed, temperature, count forward and backward and more
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Fiber blowing machines




Main features:smart touch controller

  • two operation modes:
    manual – allowing for manual operation, which means that an operator controls settings during operation
    automatically – after entering of appropriate data and switching on automatic mode the machines controls the cable feeding process independently and with appropriate force and does not allow a fibre optic cable to be damaged.
  • recording of blowing parameters:
    cable pressing force measured in Newton (N)
    fibre optic carrying pressure (bar)
    blowing speed (m/min)
    blowing length (m)
    creation of a chart during operation of the machine
  • GPS of the machine location on a map
  • reading of weather parameters: temperature, atmospheric pressure (Hpa), humidity (RH%)
  • wireless connection:  machines with ancillary equipment such as a tablet, laptop, telephone etc., date and time
  • report on moulding is served through an Internet browser, which includes prepared information tables.

Wdmuchiwarka MAH 4 Elektronik



Working pressure  6-15 atmospher
Engine operating pressure  0.63 MPa
Head operating pressure  6-15 atmospher
The speed input fiber 0-100 m / min
Engine air consumption  48 m³ / h
Head air consumption  3 - 11 m³ / min
Machine weight 60 kg
Dimmension 810mm x 530mm x 480mm
Bearings numbers 29
Rolls numbers 8
Cable diameter  1 mm - 17 mm
HDPE diameter 5mm - 50mm


The machine for blowing optical fibers
MAH-4Elektronik is equipped with:

- User manual 
- CE declaration of conformity 
- Tool box andset of tools to maintanance the machine
- A set of rollers for one fiber diameter
- Nozzle head 
- Pneumatic gun used to maintain the cleanliness 
- Touch screen controler 



The machines can be equipped with 4 different models of heads

  • A micro head:  as the name implies, these types of heads are used for moulding of micro cables.
  • A basic head:  intended to cable blowing and micro pipes.
  • Y head:  cables and pipe packages, possible blowing of another cable or pipe to the existing system with one or two cables in both directions with the so-called looping,
  • X head: cables and pipe packages, possible blowing of another cable or pipe to the existing system with one or more cables in both directions with the so-called looping.


MAH 4 opis

Wdmuchiwarka MAH 4 Uniwersal Elektronik opis 2

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Wdmuchiwarka MAH 4 frontWdmuchiwarka MAH 4 tyl

Wdmuchiwarka MAH 4 Elektronik skrzynia MAH 4 Uniwersal screen 2

Wdmuchiwarka MAH 4 front page

Złącza sterownika

Printable report from fiber blowing process (eglish, german and polish language)




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